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No download poker rooms give you an opportunity to play online poker FREE! Without the need to Play No Download Texas Holdem for free!download heavy, cumbersome software. This option is a major advantage for a lot of avid poker fans. It removes many of the constraints that prevent people from enjoying the game online.

  • – 100% free and 100% no download instant play online poker.
  • BetOnline Poker
  • Ignition Poker
  • Americas Cardroom
  • Bet365 Poker (EU)

Currently there are no viable US friendly no download online poker sites. To play real or fake money poker online from the US you are going to have to download sofware
An instant play poker option gives you the flexibility to join ring games regardless of your location. However, if you are from the USA and want to play real money poker without a download then you are out of luck. There are currently no real money no download poker sites for US players. AbsolutePoker and UB were your previous choices. You can try your hand in no download badugi poker at You can play free poker from your home desktop or on a laptop while you’re traveling. Play while sitting by your pool, visiting a friend, lounging at school, or working in the office. You can use a Windows machine or a Mac. In short, no download poker rooms can accommodate nearly any circumstance.

Players from most other ‘free countries’ can play a no download poker game at 888 poker and Party Poker. On this page, we’ll explain how to sign up and get started with instant play poker sites. We’ll also describe some of the advantages and potential drawbacks to playing at them. It’s worth noting that few online poker rooms currently offer no download poker. It takes an enormous amount of resources to provide this option to thousands of players. With this in mind, we’ll reveal our list of our top-rated no download poker rooms below.’s No Download Online Poker Guide

  • No Download Information
  • Flash Poker
  • Free No Download Poker
  • Java Poker
  • Linux Poker
  • Mac Poker

How To Sign Up At No Download Poker Rooms

Signing up is simple. You can create your account online rather than having to register through a poker software client. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Visit the poker site.
  • Step 2: Find the section through which you can register your account.
  • Step 3: Fill in and submit the required information (i.e. your name, address, password, etc.).
  • Step 4: Open the Instant Play option, log into your account, and get started.

If you choose, you can return to the poker site at any time to download their free software. The key is that you have the option to play through your browser if you feel it’s more convenient.

4 Advantages To No Download Poker

You’re likely familiar with one or two reasons to play at no download poker rooms. There are actually 4 distinct advantages that are compelling more people than ever to abandon poker software and start logging in through their browser.

#1 – You Can Play Poker On A Mac

One of the most persistent frustrations for Mac owners over the last several years has been the lack of a Mac-friendly poker client. A few poker sites – for example, Full Tilt – offers one, but they’re rare. With a no download option, you can play poker within your browser, regardless of whether you’re on a Windows machine or a Mac.

#2 – You Can Play Poker Anywhere

Have you ever been on the road and wished you could join a no download seven card stud game on your laptop? Have you ever visited your parents’ house and wanted to play poker without downloading software to their computer? Ever wished you could build your bankroll while at work (during lunch, of course)? Now you can, as long as you have an online connection.

#3 – You Can Save Space On Your Hard Drive

To be fair, hard drive space is cheap. But consider, a lot of poker players maintain accounts at multiple sites. Some people have downloaded four, six, and even ten separate poker software clients to their machines. These clients take space. With a no download poker option, you can keep everything online.

#4 – You Don’t Need To Download Updates

Poker sites constantly update their respective clients. Whether they’re releasing new features or pushing out security patches, you can expect a slight lag whenever you open their software. By contrast, when you play poker through your browser, you’ll rarely experience a lag. The updates are pushed while you’re logged off.

3 Possible Drawbacks To No Download Poker

Playing online poker no download isn’t without potential drawbacks, depending on your circumstances. Here are 3 of them:

#1 – There May Be Fewer Options

Online poker rooms want you to play through their software. To encourage you to do so, they’ll often limit the features available through their Instant Play option. This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth mentioning.

#2 – The Graphics May Be Less Engaging

Because of the platform used (i.e. Flash, Java, etc.) and the limitations associated with offering the game online, the graphics may not look as attractive as they do in the software. That said, the gap in graphics quality is narrowing.

#3 – Slow Connections Impede Seamless Action

When you play no download poker on a fast connection, you’re unlikely to notice any lag. Most of the top rooms use load balancing on their servers to keep the traffic volume manageable. However, if you’re on a slow internet connection, the throughput of your provider’s pipes will limit the playability. That can slow the action.

Top-Rated No Download Poker Rooms

We mentioned earlier there are very few poker sites that provide an Instant Play option for their members. For this reason, those that do; stand out from the pack. It’s no coincidence that the following no download poker rooms have a great reputation in the industry.

  • Bodog Poker – Bodog has stubbornly kept its doors open to USA poker players, until December of 2011 when they left the US market. You can now check out bovada poker site if you are from the USA. Moreover, they offer a customer support staff that is regularly ranked as the best in the industry. Recently, Bodog increased their Welcome Bonus to a 110% match up to $1,100. They’ll give you immediate access to 10% of your match when you use bonus code “130347”.
  • Poker Stars – As the online poker industry’s 800 lb. gorilla, continues to drive more table traffic than any of its competitors. You can claim a 100% match up to $600. Use marketing code “” when you create your account, and bonus code “stars600” when you fund your account for the first time.

You no longer need to feel tethered to your PC whenever you want to enjoy the excitement of a cash ring game. Whether you’re scouting for fish or looking for a high stakes table on which to test your skills, no download poker lets you enjoy the game from anywhere. Visit the poker sites above to get started.

Check out the top-online poker rooms!

Play Flash Online Poker

A growing number of top poker sites are realizing their players want the flexibility to play A list of Flash Poker wherever they happen to be. Players don’t want to be chained to their desktops at home. They want to be able to play the game at work, at the coffee shop, at a friend’s house, or any venue with an online connection.

For this reason, Flash poker sites are attracting more attention than ever. These poker rooms have developed a platform that allows you to hit the tables from any computer within reach. You’re not required to download and install poker software (although you can certainly do so if you choose). Instead, you can pit your skills against other players directly through your browser.

The only requirements: an online connection and a poker account.

Below, we’ll explain the 3 main reasons people are migrating to online Flash poker sites. Not all of the reasons are obvious. After reviewing them, you may be compelled to do the same. We’ll also reveal a short list of trustworthy, reputable Flash poker sites at which you can get started.

3 Reasons To Play Poker At Flash Poker Sites

Each player has their own reasons for visiting no download poker sites. (Check the list of no download poker sites here.) Some do so out of necessity (you’ll understand why in a moment) while for others, it’s purely a matter of convenience and accessibility. You might discover that one or two of the following reasons address your own preferences.

#1 – No Need To Download Poker Software

A lot of players are loathe to download poker software. The clients are often heavy and turn out to be resource hogs. Moreover, if a given poker site has released an update for their software, it takes time to push the update to your desktop. Depending on the size of the update, you might find yourself staring at a blank screen.

When you play at Flash poker sites, there’s no need to download software. You can play cash ring games within your browser. Updates are continually pushed to the instant play poker environment, which means there’s less waiting involved.

#2 – Instant Mobility

Because you don’t need to download poker software, you can play on any machine you prefer. That means you can play poker on your home desktop, or pack up your laptop for a quick run to Starbucks (they offer Wi-Fi). As long as you have an online connection, you can log into your account and jump onto a table. You can play at the office, on vacation, at home, or at a friend’s house. Again, you don’t need to download a poker client. Simply launch a browser, log into your account, and start looking for fish to build your bankroll.

#3 – Mac Compatible

If you’re using a Mac, you already know that most poker software is designed for Windows machines. That’s frustrating. Fortunately, online Flash poker games can be played on both. This is one of the main reasons these sites have become so popular. Sales of Macs have skyrocketed over the last four or five years, which means a lot of avid poker players have been clamoring for this option.

Top-Rated Flash Poker Sites

It takes a significant amount of resources to develop and offer a reliable Flash platform. This is why the biggest poker sites in the industry have led the charge while many of the smaller sites are trying to catch up. With that in mind, here are the top Flash poker sites we recommend…

  • BetOnline Poker
  • Ignition Poker
  • Americas Cardroom
  • Bet365 Poker (EU)

Play Free Online Poker

Texas Holdem… Omaha… 7 Card Stud… if you’d like to play online poker, but want to avoid A list of Free online poker games!putting your money at risk, play no money poker games. Many of the top poker rooms that we’ve reviewed on this site give you multiple options for getting on the tables without making a deposit. It’s a great way to not only learn the game, but also to hone your skills.

A lot of beginning poker players are hesitant to jump into the cash games, especially at places such as Full Tilt and PokerStars. That’s understandable. The high-profile poker rooms tend to attract proficient players. Even some of the experienced folks need to take an occasional break after hitting a bad beat or two.

Most people don’t realize they can play free Texas Holdem and other no money poker games at most of the top-tier rooms. On this page, we’ll explain exactly how you can do so. You’ll discover the options that are available to you, including the chance to win real cash prize pools without having your own money at stake! We’ll also point out a few advantages of playing free poker games that many folks neglect. Lastly, we’ll give you a short list of our favorite rooms that offer no money poker.

Types Of No Money Poker Available

There are four basic ways you can play free Texas Holdem, Omaha, and other versions of poker.

  • First, you can download the software offered by the top poker sites. Once you download the client, install and launch it, go to the lobby, and choose from among the free poker tables. It’s simple.
  • Your second option is to play no money poker online through your browser. A lot of popular sites, including Bodog Poker, have designed Mac-friendly platforms that let you play without having to download any software.
  • Third, some of the biggest poker room operators maintain .net “sister rooms.” These are used for advertising through traditional channels (i.e. television commercials), and are exclusively reserved for no money poker games. The layout of these sister rooms is usually similar, if not identical, to that of their flagship counterparts.
  • Fourth, you can participate in freeroll tournaments. There is no buy-in or entry fee, so you can literally play poker with no money at risk. Moreover, you’ll have an opportunity to compete for a real cash prize pool. Once you get into a money position, steal some blinds as others players starting tightening their game. Then, go in strong toward the end. It’s a great way to have fun playing no money poker with a chance to win real cash.

A Few Important Notes About Freeroll Tournaments

Every poker room treats freerolls a little differently. Some will let anyone participate. As long as you register your account, you can grab a seat and play for the cash prize pool. Keep in mind there’s usually a limit to the number of freerolls in which you can play before you’re required to fund your account.

Other poker rooms will only let you participate if you have accrued a certain number of player points. You usually have to work the cash tables to collect those points.

One additional note: the more players competing in the freeroll, the lower your chances of making a profit. Tournaments can be volatile. More players equals more volatility. There’s a lot of turbulence, which is the reason good players are often shaken out while novices advance.

Benefits Of Playing No Money Poker Games

Besides the obvious advantage of being able to play poker without risking your money, there are additional benefits. For example, if you’re a novice, playing free Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud, Razz, or other poker variations, gives you a chance to refine your playing skills. You can put any poker tips you’ve learned to practical use (read our article on no limit holdem tips).

Another advantage is that no money poker games give you an opportunity to learn to control your emotions as a player. Too often, beginners (and even veterans) chase hands that are anything but sensible. Playing free poker helps you curb that tendency and instead, hone your play based on position strength, pot odds, and other factors.

Also, if you’ve been playing cash games and your bankroll has taken a beating lately, retreat to the free tables or freerolls. That will give you time to catch your breath without losing your edge. It’s also a good time to strengthen any weaknesses in your game before heading back to the real money tables.

Free Online Poker Games: Potential Drawbacks

Even though there are plenty of benefits to playing no money poker games, there are also a few drawbacks to keep in mind. For example, aside from competing in the freeroll tournaments, there’s no pot to win on the free tables. That said, winning a pot may be unimportant to you if you’re just using the free poker games to sharpen your skills.

Another potential downside is that the action on the free poker games (including freerolls) can be misleading if you’re not focused. Most of the players are making decisions as if they have nothing to lose. That makes them reckless. You might think your skills are improving just because your chip stack is increasing, or you’ve made it to the final table in the freeroll. In reality, the free tables are a poor barometer of your poker playing acumen.

The takeaway is this: the free online poker games are valuable for a number of reasons. Take advantage of them. Learn the game, refine your skills, and hone your approach to some of the logistical factors (i.e. pot odds, position strength, etc.). But eventually, you’ll want to make the transition from the no money poker games to the cash tables. That’s where good players tend to rise to the top and walk away with large pots.

Top Poker Rooms For No Money Poker Games

Most of the top-rated online poker rooms offer free poker games in order to attract new players. However, some provide a far better experience than others. The freeroll prize pools are larger, the software is better, and the customer support is more responsive. Plus, the bonuses tend to be better when you’re ready to make the jump to the real money tables. With that in mind, here are our favorite poker rooms that offer no money poker games:

  • Bodog Poker – Bodog offers daily $500 freerolls and free poker games that are open to all players. They provide one of the best software apps in the poker industry, but also let you play through your browser in their Instant Play environment. When you make your first deposit, they’ll give you a 110% match up to $500 (use bonus code “130347”).

If you’re looking for a place to play no money poker games, start with the short list above. Those poker rooms represent some of the biggest names in the industry. Visit each of them to create an account, enjoy free online poker, and hone your skills in preparation for the cash tables.

Play Java Online Poker

The experience of playing poker at Java poker sites is similar to doing so at no download online poker with javapoker sites powered by Flash. There’s no software through which to run the games. Instead, everything takes place in your browser. However, very few sites offer online poker with Java since Flash is the preferred platform.

We’ll describe some of the pros and cons of playing a Java poker game below. We’ll also direct you to a few poker sites that offer a no download option.

Reasons To Play At Java Poker Sites

Java works across multiple platforms. Whether your computer is a Mac, Windows machine, or runs on Linux, it will be able to support a Java poker program. This gives you an opportunity to test the poker site before downloading their software and making a deposit.

Also, playing within your browser means you can enjoy the game on any computer with an internet connection. By contrast, if you’re forced to download software, you’ll need to do so on your home machine, laptop, and office PC if you intend to play on all three.

A Few Drawbacks To Playing Online Poker With Java

The first downside to playing Java poker is that you can only do so with play money. You cannot wager real money. To be fair, this is also true when playing the game in Flash.

Another drawback is that the experience is usually less engaging than you’ll find with a poker room’s software. There may be simpler graphics and audio, and fewer features to enjoy.

Lastly, a lot of online poker players miss the interaction they enjoy when playing against other opponents. Many of the sites that offer Java poker games lack this feature.

Where To Play Java Poker (Or No Download Poker In Flash)

Most people searching for java poker sites are interested in playing the game without having to download software. It matters little whether the platform is driven by Java or Flash. With this in mind, the list below treats both options as essentially the same thing. Here is our current recommended list of no download poker sites.

  • BetOnline Poker
  • Ignition Poker
  • Americas Cardroom
  • Bet365 Poker (EU)

Play Linux Online Poker

Linux PokerIf you’re on a Windows machine, you’ll have no problem playing online poker. Nearly every top-rated room has designed their software to accommodate PC users. If you own a Mac, your options are more limited. While several poker sites have designed software for the Mac, most are slow to catch up with the trend. But suppose your computer is equipped with the Linux operating system. Can you play Linux poker online?

Put simply, yes. We’ll describe some of the benefits to doing so below, and reveal where to find the top Linux poker sites. We’ll also explain some of your options so you’ll know what to expect when you visit them.

Reasons To Play Linux Poker Online

One of the main benefits to playing at Linux-compatible poker sites is that you can enjoy the game directly through your browser. A lot of poker rooms maintain an “Instant Play” environment that runs through Java or Flash. Technically, neither of these plugins are Linux poker programs, but both offer an alternative to playing poker through the Windows or Mac operating systems.

Another advantage to playing Java poker or Flash poker is that you can do so in any location that offers an online connection. You’re not tethered to a single machine to which you’ve downloaded the poker site’s client.

If you prefer to use software to play Linux poker online (rather than playing through your browser), you have a couple of additional options.

Linux Poker Programs: Options And Compatibility

Some poker sites support WINE. This is a downloadable program that allows you to run Windows applications through your Linux operating system. You can download the program for free at

Once you download it, install the program on your computer. Choose the option to install it for Windows programs. After you have installed WINE, launch it on your Linux box.

Next, visit a poker site that supports WINE (an example is PokerStars). Download their poker software, and install it on your machine. Once it has been installed, reboot WINE with the command “wineboot”. You should now be able to play online poker through the site’s Windows client.

One potential downside to taking this route is that the Windows poker software sometimes runs slowly on Linux boxes. This may be due to the drivers needed to run the client. Keep it in mind when you play Linux poker online.

If you prefer to avoid downloading WINE, you can also run Windows and Linux on the same machine. This is called a double-boot. Both operating systems run on your computer, and you can switch back and forth as the need arises.

The first drawback of a double-boot is that you’ll need to download the Windows operating system onto your computer. The OS tends to be a hefty download that “hogs” significant resources. A second downside is that double-booting increases the risk of losing files.

Downloading WINE is the preferred option. The software is much smaller than Windows, and takes fewer resources. There’s also less likelihood of data loss. If the poker site doesn’t support WINE, double-booting offers an alternative. If neither option is available, you can still play at online poker sites compatible with Linux. Simply log into the site’s “Instant Play” environment (i.e. Java or Flash) to enjoy the game in your browser.

Top 4 Poker Sites Compatible With Linux

Many of the top online poker rooms have closed their doors to U.S. players. This includes sites that accommodate Linux users. Below, we’ll provide our top four recommendations for poker sites that are compatible with Linux. The following choices are based on player traffic, sign-up bonuses, game variety, promotions, and several other variables.

Bodog Poker – Though Bodog is not currently accepting U.S. players, they have always provided a reliable playing experience. Not only do they maintain a full tournament schedule, but they also offer a generous sign-up bonus, top-notch customer support, and a surprisingly high volume of fish. For Mac and Linux users, they also provide a Flash-based “Instant Play” poker room. Visit Bodog to claim a 110% match up to $1,100 with special bonus code “130347”. Find more exclusive information on this online poker site with our page.

Using the Linux operating system doesn’t prevent you from enjoying poker. There are several sites at which you can play Linux poker online. Start with our four recommendations above.

Play Mac Online Poker

Until a few years ago, reputable Mac poker sites were nearly impossible to find. Most Play Mac Poker Onlinepeople owned Windows machines and online poker rooms designed their poker software accordingly. Times have changed. Macintosh computers have become more popular than ever. As a result, the demand for Mac poker software has skyrocketed.

The evolution of Macintosh poker has been slow. Even today, very few top-ranked poker rooms offer software designed specifically for the Mac OS. Below, we’ll describe the three main ways you can enjoy playing poker on the Mac, and reveal the top five Macintosh poker sites to visit.

3 Ways To Play Macintosh Poker

The three methods for playing poker on an Apple computer are through a Windows emulator, an in-browser Flash environment, or a native software client. There are pros and cons to each…

#1 – Windows Emulators

For most Mac users, this is the least satisfying option. Those who use Apple computers are rarely fans of the Windows OS. For that reason, using Bootcamp or iEmulator to install a version just to play poker online is distasteful. Using an emulator, such as Parallels, is a better option, but still takes up resources because it runs Windows in addition to the Mac OS – not instead.

#2 – In-Browser Flash Environment

Flash works on Macintosh computers as seamlessly as it does on Windows machines. That means you can play poker in your browser regardless of your OS. There are drawbacks, of course. The environment is slightly less engaging than playing through software. Also, you won’t be able to participate in tournaments.

#3 – Native Software Client

This is, by far, the best option for Mac poker players. A growing number of rooms are launching Mac-friendly poker software clients. They offer a more engaging poker playing experience than playing within an emulator or in Flash. Not only is the interface better, buy you’ll have the flexibility to multi-table – rarely an option in Flash – and participate in tournaments.

Top Mac Poker Sites

In compiling a list of the best Macintosh poker sites, we considered several criteria beyond merely offering a Mac client or Flash environment. After all, it does little good to play at a Mac-friendly poker room if the bonuses are small, the table traffic is low, and the tournament schedule is lacking. With that in mind, here are the top Mac poker sites we recommend…

Bodog Poker – Even though Bodog does not currently offer Mac poker software (c’mon Bodog!), they deserve a place on this list. They provide an “Instant Play” Flash environment through which you can enjoy poker on an Apple computer. It’s not a perfect solution. You can only play on a single table and you’re locked out of tournaments. On the other hand, Bodog is one of the most popular online poker rooms on the strength of their tournament list, overlays, bonuses, and customer support. Use bonus code “130347” to grab a 110% match up to $1,100. You’ll receive 10% of the match instantly.

We’re bound to see an influx of Mac poker sites over the next few years since sales of Apple computers show no sign of slowing. Until then, we recommend that you visit the poker rooms above. Each has a stellar reputation because they’ve made responding to their customers a priority.

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