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      Gambling can be traced all the way back to the times of cavemen and although the games themselves may be more sophisticated today, the concept has remained similar. Australians are known to enjoy their online casino games and today there is a wide range of gaming options available. There are numerous game types, many of which have multiple variations. With the convenience of online casinos, players now have these games at their fingertips, allowing them to enjoy a huge selection of games from the comfort of their own homes. Players’ choices include game types, game variations and betting limits, as well as themes, graphics and features.

      Casino Games History

      The history of gambling can be traced all the way back to the times of cavemen with evidence found of six-sided bones, called “astragali”, with markings on each side. In Ancient Egypt, it is known that Egyptians used to roll special bones which were used for fortune telling. The bones were replaced with dice over time and gambling games continued through the centuries. There is evidence of spinning games being played as far back as the Greco-Roman period, when Greek soldiers played games by spinning their shields on a revolving metal point and Greek soldiers spun their chariot wheels in gambling games. Card games can be traced back at least as far as 11th century China, although the modern cards that we use today come from France.

      There is much debate as to the exact origins of specific games, but it is commonly believed that blackjack can be traced back to 17th century France to a game called Vingt-en-Un, roulette can be traced to 17th century Italy where they played the game Hoca and 17th century England where they played-O (Even-Odd) and craps can be traced back to 12th century crusaders who played a game known as Hazard while laying siege to the castle, Hazarth. The first pokies machine was developed by Charles Fey, a car mechanic in San Francisco, in 1895. Video poker is an amalgamation of pokies and poker which was first invented in the 1970s, although the forerunner of the pokies machine which was developed in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt contained five drums with the aim of spinning the best possible poker hand.

      The first land-based casinos were known as gambling houses and were established in Venice, Italy in 1638. These gambling houses were closed down in 1770 when the government felt it was impoverishing the local gentry. In the United States, land-based gambling was popular in saloons until the early 19th century when gambling was made illegal. In 1931, it was legalised in the state of Nevada and the first casinos were established. The first casino was opened in Australia in 1973 with the Wrest Point Hobart and this opened the market for the foundation of other casinos throughout the country.

      In 1994, the first online casino was launched and this opened the industry for massive expansion. As the Internet became more accessible and computers became more affordable and more widespread, more software developers were established, resulting in the launch of more online casinos. Today, the features, functions and player choices available at online casinos have improved dramatically as technology has advanced, providing high quality gaming experiences. Online casinos also offer a much larger suite of casino games than players would be able to find at land-based casinos. These include multiple variations of the same games, a broad range of betting limits to suit all bankrolls and even games that are exclusive to online gaming. The online casino industry is constantly evolving as new technological innovations are developed. Now casino games are also available via mobile, allowing players to enjoy their favourite games on the go. Mobile casino games support play on a wide range of smartphones and tablets. As mobile technology continues to advance, more and more online casinos are releasing mobile platforms and more software providers are optimizing their games for mobile.

      Popular Casino Games has a great selection of online casino games that can be categorized into card games, table games and progressive jackpot games. Players will find a vast selection of online slots, blackjack, video poker, pokies, baccarat, craps and online roulette. There are also real money scratch cards and a number of popular arcade games.

      • Blackjack- Blackjack is a popular online casino game with many variations available. It is a card game of skill where players are able to significantly improve the odds of the game. This, combined with the simple rules and basic strategy for the game, make it popular with amateurs and pros. The aim of the game is to achieve a hand value of closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust.
      • Roulette- Roulette is an exciting table game with many variations. It is played on a spinning wheel with players required to bet on the number or group of numbers a small white ball will come to land on when the wheel comes to a rest. It is a game of chance that attracts all types of players.
      • Craps- Craps is a dice game that appears complicated at first glance due to the many different bets that can be placed. However, once players learn the types of bets available, the game can be enjoyed by everyone. While it was once considered a game for the high classes, thanks to online casinos it has now become available to all players all round the world. The aim is to bet on the outcome of the throw of the dice.
      • Video Poker- Video poker is an exciting blend between two favourites – pokies and poker. Played on a pokies-type machine it is a fast-action poker game played against the computer. Players need to create the best five-card poker hand possible from the cards dealt to them, with the option to hold and re-deal available. When playing online, there are single-hand and multi-hand games available.
      • Pokies- Pokies are among the most popular games at online casinos with more than half of many online casino suites taken up with pokies games. With many different types of pokies (including classic, video, multi-spin, progressive and others) available, a huge range of betting limits and with hundreds of different themes, graphics and features, there is something for everyone in the pokies suite.

      Casino Games Tips

      There are many different types of casino games to choose from, each with its own rules and strategies; however there are some common tips for all casino games that it is important to be aware of before you start playing.

      • Set aside your bankroll – It is important for any casino game to set aside a specific bankroll for playing that game. Equally important is making sure that you stick to your bankroll when you are playing. Dipping into other funds, such as money for groceries or rent, will increase the chances that you will begin to play irrationally and desperately, increasing your chances of losing.
      • Set limits – You must set game limits. In other words, set out exactly when you will stop playing. This can be a loss limit, such as how much you can lose before you stop or how many pokies spins you are prepared to play without winning before you stop. It is also a good idea to set a winning limit; that is, set a goal of how much you hope to win and quit when you reach your goal.
      • Learn the rules and basic strategy – Before you play any game make sure you learn the specific rules for the variation of the game you are playing. Different variations may have subtle changes in their rules, but these may make a significant difference to the strategies you employ while playing. If strategy applies to the game, make sure to learn at least basic strategy before you begin as this can reduce the house edge.
      • Practice in the fun mode – One of the advantages of playing at an online casino is the ability to play for free in the fun or practice mode of the casino. If you sign up in the fun mode of the casino you can play the games for as long as you like without risking your bankroll. While you cannot win any real money in this mode, it gives you the chance to learn the rules of the game and practice basic strategy without using up your bankroll.

      Casino Games Glossary

      Bet: A wager on a game.

      Betting Limits: The minimum and maximum amount that can be bet on any game.

      Chips: The round disks used for wagering which have a specific monetary value.

      Deal: The distribution of cards.

      Deposit: A cash payment into a casino account.

      Deuce: The name given to a value of two.

      Edge: The advantage that one player has over another.

      Even Money Bet: A bet that pays out one-to-one (1:1) or in other words, it pays out the same amount as the player wagered.

      Face Card: A card that depicts a face, including Jacks, Queens, Kings.

      High Roller: A player that places large bets or makes large deposits.

      Lobby: The area of the casino where you can find the casino games.

      Multi-Player: A game that allows you to play at the same table as other players.

      Payout: The amount of money that is paid for a winning bet.

      Paytable: The guideline for winning combinations and how much they pay. It is common in pokies and video poker games.

      Progressive Jackpot: A special pot that is contributed to by a portion of every bet placed in the game. It continues to grow until it is won, at which point it resets back to its base level.

      Push: A tied hand. In a game against the dealer, the player’s wager will be returned.

      Random Number Generator The random number generator (RNG) randomly generates all game outcomes at an online casino. This ensures that all games are random and fair.

      Side Bet: A bet that is placed on top of, but independently to, your main bet. It is often placed on random outcomes that are not related to winning or losing the hand.

      Suit: There are four suits in a deck of cards – Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Hearts.

      Wager: Another term for a bet.

      Getting Started at Australia

      Opening a real money account at Australia is simple if you follow the steps set out for you.

      • To open a real money account you need to begin by filling in the required fields, including your personal information. At this point, you can choose the currency you wish to play with and the good news for Australian players is that Australian dollars is available.
      • All of you information will be stored in a secure way and will be used by the casino only for its own purposes.
      • Once you have created your account it will be time to make a deposit and this can be done through the cashier section of the casino. There is a wide range of banking options available that are accessible for Australian players.
      • Click on the deposit method you want to use, fill in your deposit amount and approve the transfer. Once the transaction has been approved, the funds will be available in your account and you will be ready to play for real money.
      • If you make a first deposit of $400 you will be eligible for a 100% match deposit bonus (plus 200 free spins).
      • You can then visit the lobby of the casino and choose your game.


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